At Thomas More Prep-Marian High School we set high standards for learning and studies that challenge student achievement preparing them for post-secondary school and life beyond high school. The academic program at Thomas More Prep-Marian is designed to develop young men and women on the secondary level in leadership, spirituality, academic, and social areas of life. Leadership is based on a model of leading by example. Spiritual development envisions accelerated growth in the life of Christ. Academic development aims to prepare a student for entrance to college and skills for further learning. Social development prepares students for personal responsibility. It is hoped that this program will give students a foundation for a well-adjusted personality, a reputation for moral integrity, and a real desire to grow as a Christian both internally and externally. The program is developed on the foundation of Catholic spirituality and principles.

Thomas More Prep-Marian endeavors to give its students the best academic program possible as an immediate preparation for college and ultimately life. For this reason, the academic program is deliberately challenging, even difficult. The school accepts the principle that students who come are willing to work hard because their future requires it. While academics is only part of a person’s education and must be kept in balance with other areas, it is necessarily a very important part.

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