Admissions Policy

Hays Catholic Schools (Holy Family Elementary and Thomas More Prep-Marian) admit students of other faiths or background to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities available at the schools as long as there is capacity for such students. Hays Catholic Schools do not discriminate on the basis of any protected characteristic in the administration of educational, admission policies, scholarship programs, and any other school programs. All students must follow the tenants of the Catholic faith while attending school activities or sponsored school functions. This includes fulfilling any curriculum requirements.

Catholic schools reserve the right to admit or deny admission, or continued enrollment, to any student. Although there is no legal obligation to do so, our schools will to the extent available, resources permit, and where there is complete parental cooperation, try to serve every Catholic student from active stewardship families within the Heartland Parishes of Hays, Kansas.

Stewardship encompasses the whole mission of the Church. It includes, therefore, the responsibility to educate our youth in the Catholic faith and to form them for Christian living. Each parent has the obligation to pass on the faith to their children for knowledge and participation for future generations. But it is not theirs alone. They have the support of the whole Church as well.

Hays Catholic Schools utilize the stewardship model for tuition with the Heartland Parishes of Hays, Kansas. As a Catholic stewardship community families are strongly encouraged to register with a local parish. Registered parishioners receive priority in the admission of students. School fees are based on family’s involvement in the parish they are registered. Prior to admission/enrollment in Hays Catholic Schools, families must be members in good standing with their Heartland Parish. This means they are tithing at an acceptable level as determined by their income. Families’ standings will be verified by the schools and respective Heartland Parish. Each family is asked to prayerfully consider their time, talent, as well as treasure, to actively support their parish and school.

Hays Catholic Schools are a Catholic education institution and will give preference to students who share the Catholic Christian tradition. Students, regardless of religious affiliation, are eligible for admission; however, the Catholic school curriculum and activities are designed to teach the Catholic faith, promote the Catholic mission and support community-building. Non-Catholic students are expected to participate in liturgical and prayer services (with the exception of receipt of sacraments, which is open only to members of the Catholic faith) and are required to fulfill the religion requirements of the curriculum.

Families interested in enrolling at Thomas More Prep-Marian Junior/Senior High (TMP-M) must contact the Admissions Office to begin the enrollment process. Admission of transfer students is subject to the approval of the Principal. The school will obtain and review the transfer student’s records prior to the student beginning classes. A thorough review of prior educational records, including report cards, standardized testing and educational/psychological testing will be completed prior to the student beginning classes as well. Students will also be required to provide documentation of immunizations, per Diocesan Policy 5020. TMP-M is a member of Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA). We follow KSHSAA policy regarding participation in school activities, including transfer of students. The overall goal of TMP-M is to assure that we have the adequate resources to provide the student with the best Catholic education possible.

Placement of Students

All Hays Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Salina follow the Kansas compulsory attendance requirements pertaining to age levels of school age students. Immunization, Health records and birth certificates are required for enrollment into the school.

Prior to admission students may be given a screening evaluation. According to diocesan policy the school principal is responsible in ascertaining the individual needs of students enrolling into the school. Prior to admission the principal along with appropriate staff should determine the academic and emotional needs of students and recommend class and grade assignments. If the school does not have the resources to accommodate the needs of a student the principal may determine not to accept the student.

Parents are responsible for any financial commitments associated with fees and/or services. A school handbook will be provided to parents and legal guardians before student is admitted.

April, 2015

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