We hope that as you become more aware of Thomas More Prep-Marian you can understand what has been by Main Bldg Web-2known by thousands for more than a century: Thomas More Prep-Marian creates a quality of life for our students and alumni that can rarely be matched. We work hard each day to secure support for the Catholic education of our young people for centuries to come.




STMS Logo-2On the western Kansas prairie, we know about hard work and broad horizons. Our school’s rich history has borne that out through its constant evolution to best suit the needs of its Catholic constituents. From its earliest days as Hays Catholic College, the school’s values have remained timeless: educating young people, rooted in faith, to be leaders of tomorrow. As we plan an expansion into grades seven and eight, we commit the same values of faith, trust, service, and high standards in all areas to all of our students. The St. Thomas More Society was formed in September 2011 as a means of annual support for our ever-expanding horizons.



The Jean Ross Society is named for the millennium president of Jean RossThomas More Prep-Marian.  Ms. Ross served “God’s School” in challenging times.  A very humble servant of God, she did this difficult work with no paycheck, donating all her time and talent to a mission she so strongly believes in, as a gift to our Catholic community.  The school markets itself as a leadership training institution in the Catholic tradition and the creation of the Jean Ross Society is a tribute to Ms. Ross’ belief in this.  The Jean Ross Society has been created to recognize individuals that have developed an estate plan or deferred gift arrangement with Thomas More Prep-Marian High School, Holy Family Elementary School, the TMP-Marian Endowment Foundation or Alumni Association.  Her spiritual leadership and dedication to the success of the Catholic Schools of Hays represents the long-term giving philosophy of the Society.




The academic and athletic success is as strong as ever in the 100 years of our beautiful school.  TMP-Marian is considered one of the top College Prep institutions in the region.  The average ACT score of a TMP-Marian Pop SingersWeb-1student is above the state average on an annual basis. TMP-Marian continues to excel as a Fine Arts institution.  Over the past five years, team championships have been won in Boy’s Basketball and Softball and individual championships in Wrestling and Boy’s and Girl’s Track and Field.  These are just a few of the success stories of this school.  It is our opinion that these achievements may not be as possible without the sound spiritual leadership and guidance provided to our student body.


In order to continue to provide this quality education, we need your assistance.  There are a variety of ways to help support TMP-Marian, whether financially or through the gift of time and prayer.  Please take the time to learn about legacy giving through the Jean Ross Society, or our annual giving fund, St. The Thomas More Society.  We also appreciate your involvement with our Fine Arts and Sports Booster Clubs.  If you have questions regarding our school please don’t hesitate to call 785-625-6577.

Troy Ruda, ’93
Advancement Director

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