Jean Ross Society


Jean RossThe Jean Ross Society recognizes individuals that have developed an estate plan or deferred gift arrangement with Thomas More Prep-Marian High School, Holy Family Elementary School, the TMP-Marian Endowment Foundation or Alumni Association.   Jean Ross devoted ten years to the success of Thomas More Prep Marian High School. Her spiritual leadership and dedication to the success of the Catholic Schools of Hays represents the long-term giving philosophy of the Society.

Ms. Ross served “God’s School” in years of budget deficits and challenging times.  A very humble servant of God, she did this difficult work with no paycheck, donating all her time and talent to a mission she so strongly believes in, a gift to our Catholic community.

Members of the Jean Ross Society receive the personal satisfaction of committing a gift during their lifetime, knowing that their resources will ensure a strong future for Catholic education in Hays.

 Assuring Catholic Education for the Future

Planned gifts can be made through a variety of vehicles:  wills, trusts, charitable
annuities and insurance policies.  We can assist you in determining what type of gift is most ideal to achieve your philanthropic goals.  Please contact our office to schedule a visit.  All inquiries are treated with complete confidence.


School from frontIf you have already named Thomas More Prep-Marian, Holy Family Elementary, the TMP-Marian Endowment Foundation or the TMP-Marian Alumni Association as the beneficiary of a planned gift, we welcome you as a member.  If you have not yet arranged your planned gift, we invite you to become a member.  Documentation of your planned gift to one of these entities will establish you as a member of the Jean Ross Society.