Charts, Forms & Counseling Calendar

This page is intended to provide information that will answer common questions.   Click on the bold heading to see each document.  Feel free to contact Mr. Zachman if you have questions or need clarification!


College Visit Request form.  All TMP-Marian High School students may take up to two college visit days each year.  Visits are typically scheduled by the counselor.  Complete your College Visit Request form at least two weeks before the date you want to visit the college.  If the parent prefers to set up the visit, this form is not required.  Please share the visit information with the counselor so the visit day will not count as an absence.


NCK Transfer Course Matrix.  Use this chart to see if your NCK class will transfer to one of the six public universities in Kansas.  If your course appears on this chart it only means the course will transfer.  It does not guarantee the course will meet the requirements for your major.


Kansas System Wide Transfer Course Matrix.  This chart shows transferable courses for all post-secondary schools (technical schools, community colleges and public universities) in Kansas.


Jr/Sr Parent Calendar.  This calendar shows important events throughout the school year.  Last updated:  9/3/2019


TMP-M GPA Conversion Chart.  Use this chart to convert TMP-M’s 100 point grade scale to a 4.0 grade scale.  This conversion is frequently required on college applications ans some scholarship applications.


TMP-M Letter Grade Conversion.  Use this chart to convert TMP-M grades to letter grades (A,B,C,D,F).  This conversion is frequently required on college applications and some scholarship applications.