Hays Catholic Schools – Safety Initiative

A Campaign for the Protection of God’s Greatest Gifts

The children and young adults who are entrusted to our schools are a precious gift from God and we are called to care for and educate them in the truth of Christ’s teaching. Beginning in 2020, we are commencing a crucial initiative to address concerns of school safety as our Hays Catholic Schools weren’t constructed for modern realities. This on-going campaign will provide for the most immediate security needs at TMP-Marian and will continue to develop as future needs arise and as funds are available.

Based on the review of the TMP-Marian campus by three independent school security consultants as well as interviews and tours of area schools, the immediate safety needs to be addressed are:

  • Upgrade and replacement of cabling throughout the campus – This will allow for the technological needs required by the equipment for access control and surveillance.
  • Access Control – The security of all exterior entrances to the administration building and Al Billinger Fieldhouse will require a more robust locking system, various door replacements, and an entry management system that allows for the buildings to be secured but retain a welcoming environment for our students, visitors, and guests.
  • Surveillance – A camera system will be installed that allows the administration to identify visitors and students accessing the buildings and assist law enforcement personnel in the event of a crisis on the campus.
  • Reorientation of the TMP-M Front Office – Current positioning of the front office does not allow visibility to the entrances thus allowing visitors free access during core operating hours. Addressing both access control and surveillance will be the reorientation of the front office to open to the south main entrance, thus securing access to the building until visitors have been greeted by the staff.

The Hays Catholic Schools Safety Initiative will be on-going. Future needs to be addressed are perimeter campus security, campus signage, additional major and minor security improvements to Holy Family Elementary, lighting, and personal safety devices throughout the building and campus.

Funding for this campaign will kick-off with ACE 2020, Item #60 and while we know we cannot complete all aspects of this safety initiative with this one fund, we are confident that with your support, we will be able to accomplish much of the immediate needs and be poised to continue improving our Catholic schools to be the welcoming, loving and SAFE educational institutions that our students deserve as one of God’s greatest gifts.

Thank you for your generous support to ACE and Item #60. With thanks for the generosity of the Leo J. and Albina Dreiling Trust, your gift to Item 60 at ACE 2020, no matter the amount, will be matched dollar for dollar until $200,000 is raised, allowing us to address these security needs while continuing to tend to other pressing capital needs of our great schools. Click here https://www.tmp-m.org/ace/ to contribute to ACE Item #60 and help us secure the entire bank of matching funds!