High School


The philosophy of computer education is to assist students in becoming productive and contributing members of society capable of self-sufficiency, lifelong learning and adapting to change. We believe all students should be exposed to the latest technology and theories of the modern business world.  We will challenge each student to strive for excellence no matter what his or her abilities are.  They will be challenged to become independent thinkers and doers.  We strive to prepare them with the skills needed to be successful after high school, whether they are going on to higher academics or directly into the work force.  Our small classes provide us with the opportunities for one-on-one instructional help and small group projects.

Course Description

Computer education programs are competency-based, providing learning that uses employment-related content to contribute to the development of a student’s basic, academic and problem-solving skills, general employability attributes, and specific occupational knowledge.  The acquisition of these skills, knowledge and attributes prepares students for success in employment, future education and personal lives.  Computer education serves diverse individual interest, accommodates different learning styles, and provides students with opportunities to master essential skills through practical application.  Courses within the department require students to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and attitudes through hands-on experiences.

Course Offerings

  • Tech Concepts I & II
  • Personal Finance
  • Multimedia
  • Accounting I & II
  • Intro to Business
  • Marketing
  • Advanced Business
  • Business Law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Office Practice
  • Economics