High School


The Social Science Department of Thomas More Prep-Marian strives to develop students for life by exposing them to various social science disciplines so that they may achieve academic excellence, leadership formation, spiritual growth, good citizenship, college preparedness and values for life.  The social science faculty endeavors to challenge students to reach their potential and then go beyond. Each class is designed to encourage students to think, analyze, question, and discuss the materials being presented. They are constantly being reminded that “hind-sight”  is much easier than having lived the events they study and they are asked to put themselves in the place of the characters and situations which they are studying. Hopefully, this puts them in a position to make character and event judgments from a different perspective than their own.

Course Descriptions

American History:

This required course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of American history, from the period of European colonization through the present.

Survey of American History:

This required class covers similar material to the American History course at a slower pace and placing more emphasis on basic understanding of American history.

American Government:

This required course challenges students to explore and ask questions about their political institutions and to develop an understanding of the political process to encourage informed participation in the political process.

Survey of American Government:

This required class covers similar material to the American Government course, adapted for international students and those who may lack the background knowledge for the faster paced course.

World Cultures:

This elective class focuses on the pre-modern period from the classical civilizations of ancient Rome and Greece through the modern period, focusing on the concepts related to geography, culture, and history.

Global Studies:

This elective course examines the modern cultural regions of the world, including the current concepts related to geography, culture, and history.

World Civilization I:

This elective class examines the history of world civilization from the beginning of recorded time through the development of classical civilizations in Greece and Rome, including discussion of the period after the fall of Rome in Europe.

World Civilization II:

This elective course examines the history of world civilization from 1300 to 1850, beginning with the Renaissance in Europe through the emergence of the Industrial Age.

20th Century History:

This elective class examines the major civilizations and events of the 20th century from a global perspective, focusing on the significant developments from the Age of Imperialism through the end of the Cold War.

Current Events:

This elective class focuses on the major issues of the present world, encouraging students to work collaboratively and develop public speaking skills.


This elective course examines various theories and related aspects of the study of human behavior; the course may be completed for three college hours through the North Central Technical College.


This elective class examines the connections between the individual student and the larger social world, providing students with the opportunity to study diverse cultures and work cooperatively.


This elective class provides the student with a understanding of economic principles, systems, and activities, emphasizing supply and demand theory, tax laws, trade, creating of money and the inequity of wealth.