Junior High


The Social Science Department of Thomas More Prep-Marian strives to develop students for life by exposing them to various social science disciplines so that they may achieve academic excellence, leadership formation, spiritual growth, good citizenship, college preparedness and values for life.  The social science faculty endeavors to challenge students to reach their potential and then go beyond. Each class is designed to encourage students to think, analyze, question, and discuss the materials being presented. They are constantly being reminded that “hind-sight”  is much easier than having lived the events they study and they are asked to put themselves in the place of the characters and situations which they are studying. Hopefully, this puts them in a position to make character and event judgments from a different perspective than their own.

Course Descriptions

7th Grade World Geography

Using a cooperative learning approach, students examine the locations, human environmental interactions, movement, and regions of the world.

8th Grade Early American History

Students will focus on key people, places, and terms in American history, with an emphasis on cause and effect from the beginnings of the United States through 1877.

8th Grade Advanced Early American History

Designed for students with a high level of interest and aptitude in social studies, this course provides a comprehensive study of the American nation from its very inception to industrialism.