Kiwanis, Key Club, Builder’s Club Members will Pitch in to Pick up Hays Gateway

From Hays Post



Builders-ClubHays Police Chief Don Scheibler will be performing community service Saturday by picking up trash around the junction of Interstate 70 and Vine Street.

No, it is not the  kind of community service sentenced by a judge. Scheibler will be  joining local Kiwanis members and thousands around the world as he participates in Kiwanis One Day.

Scheibler said the annual event occurs the first Saturday of each April.

“All Kiwanis from all over the globe join together in an effort to improve their communities with hands-on service,” he said.

According to Scheibler, the event unites the entire Hays Kiwanis “family” including Kiwanis, Forth Hays State University’s Circle Club, Thomas More Prep-Marian’s Key Club and Builder’s Club.

Why-Key-Club“So we have all the generations coming together to improve the community, and that is what is so exciting about this,” Scheibler said. “It is what Kiwanis is all about — a group of people working together to improve the community.”

Scheibler said the groups decided to focus on cleaning up the area of I-70 and Vine because the of the mix of high winds and excessive trash.

“(I-70 and Vine) is a gateway to our community, and people who come to our town, that area is the first thing they see,” Scheibler said. “And we feel it is very important to leave a positive impression for those that visit us and those that live here.”

The Kiwanis project will begin at 8 a.m. is tentatively scheduled to end at noon.

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