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Welcome to Thomas More Prep-Marian!

We are honored you have chosen our school to consider for your child’s high school education.

Since 1908, TMP-Marian has been providing students from around the region and world with a college preparatory high school education. Each year almost 100% of the graduates continue their education. Students are accepted to 4 year public/private universities and colleges, 2 year junior/community colleges, vocational/trade schools, and military service. In recent years, the students of the graduating class have been offered over 1 million dollars in scholarships annually.

TMP-M seeks to admit students who demonstrate a drive to grow in faith, academics, and leadership.

TMP-Marian offers domestic boarding students two choices in their room and board:

  1. Host family (homestay)

  2. Dormitory Program

Both options support students academically and socially.

Many of the students partner with NACEL Open Door for homestay. Students wanting  a homestay can begin the application process by contacting NACEL Open Door.

Applications submitted to NACEL Open Door are then forwarded to TMP-Marian for review and approval. Other host family agencies are encouraged to contact Mr. Chad Meitner ( for information.

Those interested in the Dormitory Program should contact Principal Chad Meitner - 785-625-6577. TMP-M partners with Fort Hays State University to provide dormitory room and board. More details on the dormitory facility can be found here.


2022-23 for the year




$1, 500

Room & Board

$8,500 (estimated)

School Meals






Scholarships are available. Contact Chad Meitner for details -

Diploma-Seeking Course Requirements






1 unit per year attended

1/2 unit for senior capstone





Social Studies


1 unit World History

1 unit American History

1/2 unit American Government

1/2 unit elective



1 unit Biology

1/2 unit Physics I

1 1/2 units of electives

Physical Education/Health


Fine Arts


1 unit any fine or performing arts class or Speech, Forensics or Debate



25 total units of credit are required for graduation from TMP-Marian. One unit is equal to the credit received for a two semester (full year) course. One-half unit is equal to the credit received for a one semester course.

Course Catalog to see entire Course Catalog

New Domestic Boarding Students Application Process

Admissions Guidelines:

Students of the Catholic/Christian faith are given priority for application review.

Non-faith students are welcome to apply and must understand/agree to learning about the Catholic faith. Religion classes are required for graduation credit.

Documents needed for application review: 

  1. Two letters of recommendation

    • Teacher from previous school

    • Previous school administrator

  2. OFFICAL Academic transcripts/reports from grade 8 to present – please include the type of grading scale used by the previous school. This is necessary to determine the number of credits students have earned. Before enrollment, updated transcripts must be provided.

  3. Personal essay from student (200-500 words) and parent statement (why they want their child to study at TMP-M)

  4. In-person or Zoom interview with TMP-Marian Principal or designated personnel.

Complete NACEL Open Door Application and requirements for students needing homestay

Domestic Students seeking Dormitory Program or other housing options (such as staying with extended family or friends) should contact Chad Meitner at 785-625-6577. Likely information needed includes, but not limited to:

  1. Host parent/residential contact information including host family agreement

  2. Medical information including proof of medical insurance

  3. Contact information of responsible party. This is the person who will be contacted for emergency, financial needs, etc.

TMP-Marian cannot guarantee a homestay placement so the responsibility rests with the students and their agents and their local coordinators to find a suitable home stay arrangement.

More information may be needed as we progress through the application/admission process with each student. We look forward to reviewing each student application and learning about him or her prior to their arrival. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask and we will do our best to provide you with the understanding to make this an easy transition. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Email Mr. Chad Meitner at to begin the application process.

Mr. Meitner

Mr. Chad Meitner

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