Safety Precautions when Attending TMP-M July Events

Regarding upcoming July events – Graduation (July 12), Auction for Christian Education (July 17 & 18), Uniform Sales (July 8), and Enrollment (July 29-30) – Thomas More Prep-Marian, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, is taking the following precautions in accordance with the guidance of the Ellis County Health Department:

  • Social distancing of 6 feet from anyone outside of your household is recommended and encouraged.
  • Accommodations in seating have been made to encourage social distancing.
  • When social distancing is not possible, facial coverings are encouraged.
  • TMP-M will provide facial coverings upon request. Please bring your own facial covering as possible.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided and use is encouraged.

Your health and the welfare of our community is of utmost importance. If you are not feeling well, may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, are in a high-risk category, or are uncomfortable attending a large event please do not feel obligated to attend. We will make accommodations for you.

If you have recently traveled or recently been exposed to people who have traveled to areas experiencing widespread transmission, please refrain from attending these events. A link to the KDHE quarantined areas is here:

For those not wishing to attend these events, graduation will be live-streamed. For accommodations on all events, please contact TMP-M at (785) 625-6577 or the Alumni office at (785) 625-9434.

ACE is being shifted to an online event and there will be no in-person event as adequate precautions cannot be taken.

All precautions and events are subject to change with little or no notice. Thank you to all those supporting the mission of TMP-Marian and for your understanding in these difficult times. Our prayers are for you. Please pray for us. God Bless and Go Monarchs!