Campus Minister’s Welcome

Welcome to the Thomas More Prep-Marian Family.  TMP-Marian is a school that is led by, protected by and cooperates fully with the will of the Holy Spirit.  Through the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit we work to educate each child academically, socially and most importantly, spiritually.


The Marian Grotto on the TMP-Marian Campus was established as a spiritual retreat and area of meditation and prayer. This area also plays host to Christmas Under the Stars and the Living Nativity each December.

Catholic schools are an unusual and rare thing as an educational setting in this day and age.  Thomas More Prep-Marian and schools like it only exist because an entire community sees value in providing a Catholic Education to their students and as a community, they sacrifice to make it happen.  These schools cannot be created or supported by a few but must have the support of everyone.

The Administration, Faculty and Staff are honored to be part of this school and excited to be part of the equation when it comes to educating our community’s students.  Successful Catholic Education is a three-part equation.  The parents are the first and arguably the most important part of the equation, particularly when it comes to the faith.  At baptism, the parents promise before God and the Church to bring their child up in the faith.  Their domestic church, the example they set, and the knowledge they impart, will be the most significant factor in their child’s living faith.  The second part of the equation are the teachers, coaches, administrators and Priests.  The teachers and the school partner with the parents to help the students dig further into their faith and to understand the Scriptures, Traditions and Teaching of the Church.  The final part of the equation is the student.  Faith growth can only happen when we seek and desire God.  The glue that makes this all happen is the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit guides the parents and gives them support as they raise their child.  The Holy Spirit leads and speaks through the teachers, coaches, administrators, and the Priests. Finally, the Holy Spirit speaks to the students and continually calls and reaches out to them.

The cornerstone of our school, in every sense of the word, translates to, "For God, For Country."

The cornerstone of our school, in every sense of the word, translates to, “For God, For Country.”

We at TMP-M will do everything we can to support you, the parents, in raising your child up in the faith.  They will receive quality theology classes that will challenge and expose each student to the Word of God and the teachings of the Church.  They will get opportunities to experience God through the Eucharist at Mass, Adoration, Confession, and many other Prayer opportunities.  These opportunities, combined with their Sunday Mass attendance, daily individual prayer, involvement in their Parish and Parish Youth Group, and their parent’s living example will help give your child a great opportunity to experience God and to develop a lifelong faith life when they leave our school and your care.

The Campus Ministry Office door is always open.  We are here to serve each student, parent, alumni, or community member who is a part of our school, parishes, or community.  Please don’t hesitate to call or stop by at any time to discuss your child or anything else faith related.  Let us know how we can help you.

Thanks and lets together have a great year

God Bless,


Bill Meagher
Campus Minister/Theology Instructor
Thomas More Prep-Marian Jr. Sr. High School