picture of Melissa Schoepf

TMP-Marian Junior High is pleased to announce that Mrs. Melissa Schoepf will transition into the role of Junior High Assistant Principal, sharing those duties for a year with current assistant principal Mr. Bob Leikam. These duties will accompany her current position as High School Instructor, Math Department Head and Softball Head Coach.

Schoepf will work closely alongside Leikam, TMP class of 1975, who has served as Assistant Principal since the opening of the Junior High in 2012. Leikam, a 42-year veteran of education. will transition to part-time teaching for the 2022-23 school year when Schoepf will take the reins.

Mr. Leikam is excited about the future of the Junior High. “Undoubtedly, this has been one of the most rewarding chapters of my professional life.  As with all things, though, we must eventually bow out to youth and allow them to continue to carry the torch.  I have the utmost confidence in Melissa.  She will do an excellent job,” said Leikam.

Bob ’75 Leikam Schoepf, who joined TMP-Marian along with Leikam in 2012, has made a tremendous impact. “Mrs. Schoepf has been a great leader in many different ways over her years at TMP-Marian. We look forward to working with her in making the junior high a great place for all the current and future students and staff” said TMP-Marian Principal, Chad Meitner

“I am really excited to begin this transition into Junior High. The Thomas More Prep-Marian community holds a special place in my heart. I look forward to learning and working with the administration to continue the proud tradition of the Monarchs” said Schoepf.