Get them while they last!! Everyone could use some extra pocket change. Buy tickets for Monarch Football Madness and cheer your NFL teams on to help your ticket win big bucks. Even if you don’t win you’ve helped support the student activities at TMP-Marian and that puts you in a class all your own. Prizes EACH WEEK of the Regular NFL Season: Weekly Highest Three Team Total, $275 Weekly Second Highest, $125 Weekly Third Highest, $50 Weekly Lowest Three Team Total, $25 This exciting fundraiser is tied to the NFL 2021-2022 football season.  Funds raised will benefit the students directly through their clubs and activities. Last year more than $23,600 was generated for the benefit of clubs and organizations on campus, including their transportation to competitions and activities.  Tickets for 2021-2022 are available NOW from students or your can request Monarch Football Madness tickets online. Your tickets will be sent to you. REQUEST TICKETS ONLINE If you were referred to Monarch Football Madness by a student or faculty member of TMP-Marian, include that person’s name in the space provided so they receive credit!

All tickets must be requested and turned in by Tuesday, September 7, 2021, in order to qualify for all 18 weeks of the NFL season. In the subsequent weeks, tickets must be turned in by Thursday at noon to qualify for the games that weekend. Checks will be mailed weekly.

Multiple tickets may be requested, and the ticket(s) will be mailed to you showing your computerized selected teams for each week.

  1. Your ticket is valid for the 18 weeks of the regular football season.
  2. Each ticket has 3 teams each week. These team scores added together determine winners.
  3. In case of ties, payments will be split.
  4. Winners will be posted on the Monarch Football Madness Page. Please do not call the office.
  5. No other ticket has the same combination of teams.
  6. If a ticket with the winning combination is not sold, the ticket sold with the next closest combination will be determined winners.
  7. This ticket is good for the NFL 2021-2022 season.
  8. Teams not playing in a given week will be assigned the previous weeks score.
  9. Minimum odds of winning: 1 in 72. (4,960 combinations)
  10. Winner is subject to all applicable local, state, and federal taxes.

You may choose to send for tickets in the mail. A suggested donation of $20 per ticket is accepted and can be sent in any time to:



Monarch Football Madness is administered through