TMP-M FFA Judging Team 2021

On Wednesday, November 10th the TMP-Marian FFA Chapter traveled to WaKeeney for 2 judging contests.  The contests were Food Science and Milk Quality. 

The Food Science contest consisted of a 50 question exam, aroma evaluation, triangle test (determine which one of 3 food samples doesn't match the others), product compliance, math practicum and customer complaint letters.

The Milk Quality contest consisted of a 50 question exam, math practicum, identifying different cheeses, identifying dairy products and identification of off-flavored milk.

In the Greenhand Division, younger students, the team of Chloe Purinton, Grace Schmeidler, Gracyn Schippers, Caleb Marintzer, Hank Corsair and AJ Brown placed 3rd in the Food Science contest and 2nd in the Milk Quality contest.  Individually Chloe was 3rd and Gracyn 6th in the Food Science contest.  Individually Grace was 4th and Chloe was 5th in the Milk Quality contest.

In the Senior Division the team of Morgan Markus, Nicole Dreiling, Allison Gottschalk, Kate Pope, Teagan Legleiter and Miriam Towns finished 11th in Food Science and 8th in Milk Quality.  

There are 17 schools from the Northwest District competing in these competitions.